Shoulder Pain

Do you suffer from Shoulder Pain?

Are you limited from doing what you love by your shoulder pain?

Does lifting your children or grandchildren cause your shoulder pain?

Can you garden, play golf or exercise as much as you’d like because of shoulder pain?

Have you had trouble sleeping because of shoulder pain?

Have you been told to “just rest” or to take pain medicine for your shoulder pain?

Estimates vary but over 20% of people in the US suffer from Shoulder Pain and this frequency increases in our 50’s.

Is it that shoulders are poorly designed? Or, do our posture and our habits have a huge role in this problem?

Did you know that Physical Therapy is a tremendously effective treatment for Shoulder Pain?

It is true! Recent studies have shown that Physical Therapy restores normal function and reduces cost to the person and to the system. It has been shown to be more effective than other forms of care for shoulder pain!

So, what are you waiting for?

The question then becomes…What should I expect Physical Therapy Care?

Let me first say that, at Groschan and Associates, we are not like other Physical Therapy offices. We take the time to understand your needs and your goals. We want to help you restore what is important to you! Our long experience guides us and keeps us focused on you.

At Groschan and Associates Physical Therapy we take a Principal Based approach to creating Optimal Movement.

Your time will be spent one on one with your Physical Therapist. You will be given hands on care. You will be given strategies to optimize your movement from basic lifting to complex situations such as golf or gardening. You will be given tools to be independent, including specific exercise and fitness advice.

You will not be treated by care extenders. You will not be given a sheet of exercises to do on your own or in a gym while you are in our clinic.

Have you had surgery for your Shoulder pain? Physical Therapy can be of great benefit in restoring your activity.

Sometimes, the injury is too severe and will not respond to conservative care. There are times when surgery is the right answer. However, proper movement will not just magically come back after surgery. You have compensated for your problem for a long time before your operation. The surgical procedure creates trauma to your soft tissues. You will greatly benefit from Principal Based Physical Therapy. It will create the guidance and strategies to return to your Optimal Movement.

It is not too late to change. It is never too late to improve if you use the proper Principals and Strategies.

You want an approach to Physical Therapy that first listens to your needs and your goals. This is what you will receive at Groschan and Associates Physical Therapy.

You want your Physical Therapy to provide you Strategies to control your posture, your movement and, ultimately, your shoulder pain. This is what you will receive at Groschan and Associates.