About Us

Groschan & Associates Company Profile

Groschan & Associates is an independent, private physical therapy practice in Lutherville, Maryland. Our practice focuses on patients from the spectrum of orthopedic conditions, ranging from athletic injuries to joint-replacements to spinal problems. We serve all age groups from young athletes to mature adults. Our clinical approach uses posture, exercise, manual therapy techniques and the most advanced technology available to return our patients to full functioning. At Groschan & Associates, we pride ourselves on one-on-one personalized treatment for each patient.

Founded by James Groschan PT, we have been part of the Baltimore medical community since 1987. We work with many leading doctors, treating their patients as well as referring our patients to them if warranted. Our greatest asset, however, has always been our patients. Many of our new patients come to us by way of personal referrals from individuals who have been successfully treated by our therapists.

At Groschan & Associates, our therapists are among the very best to be found anywhere. They combine years of expertise to provide patients with personalized treatment plans. But every member of our team is committed to the highest level of care. Our front-desk, clinical-support and billing staffs play major roles in helping patients feel welcomed and informed. They are experts in helping patients manage their complex insurance issues. Together, we work to return our patients to their highest level of function, as comfortably and quickly as possible.