Joint Replacement

Are you in need of a joint replacement? Are you limited in your activities by arthritis in your knee or hip or shoulder? Whether is sport or spending time with your friends and family, we want to address what is important to you!

Joint replacements are a fantastic solution to difficult problems. The process is challenging at the early stages but the results allow you to return to a level of function that you could never achieve without the procedure.

At Groschan and Associates Physical Therapy, we specialize in taking care of people both before and after joint replacement.

You cannot do this alone! With skilled hands on care combined with the experience and expertise of our Physical Therapists, we help you through this journey.

BEFORE your operation, it is important to:

  1. Know what to expect. We can walk you through the process in detail. Knowledge will give you confidence!
  2. Understand your Posture. It is the key to optimal movement.
  3. Practice the exercises and movement you will be doing post-surgery. It is much easier for you to understand these activates before you have the trauma of the operation.
  4. Learn how to use your walker or cane. Learn how to do steps safely.
  5. Understand the safe and proper way to support your joint when resting.

AFTER your surgery:

  1. Restore your motion. Swelling and pain are expected characteristics of the early period after a joint replacement. At Groschan and Associates, we use our "hands-on" skills to help you restore your motion.
  2. Restore your muscle function.
  3. Control your pain. As you are able to improve with your motion and muscle function, your pain will decrease and your confidence will grow.
  4. Restore your ability to walk with a normal pattern and eliminate the use of a walker or cane as you progress.
  5. Return to the things you want to do. We will do this in a timely and efficient manner. Whether it is gardening, golf, lifting your grandchildren or taking a walk, we want to help you achieve what is important to you.

Let us help you through this challenging journey and help you get back to doing what you love.