Posture Education

At Groschan and Associates Physical Therapy, our people are experts in understanding posture and its impact on your life.

Understanding Posture is a cornerstone principal of our care at Groschan and Associates.  It is the key to Optimal Movement.

We have distilled this principal to the 3 things that you have to understand to consistently control your posture.

We use our knowledge of Posture and movement strategies to create a reliable framework for you to get well.

Whether you are coming to Groschan and Associates Physical Therapy to recover from injury or to improve your movement for sport, understanding Your Posture is a key element.

Your Posture is the combination of the alignment of our skeletal architecture and the ability of our muscles to act on our joints.

Posture can be influenced by many things but it is ultimately under your control.

In a dynamic situation, it determines the strength of our muscles and the freedom of our joints to move.

Long term postural adaptations and compensations are a major cause of musculoskeletal problems.  Postural faults can cause boney changes in our spine and peripheral joints.  Postural habits create soft tissue tightness and associated stretch-weakness of muscles.

In addition, long term adaptation of the muscles and supporting soft tissues can be a significant barrier to recovery from injury or surgery.

Let us help you discover the 3 Things that you can do to make a tremendous and positive change!