What to Expect

Physical Therapy at Groschan and Associates

Have you been given a referral or a suggestion for Physical Therapy but don’t know what it is all about?

Have you been told that PT is like going to a gym or like getting a massage?

Have you gone to PT and been shown a handful of exercises and been left on your own to do them?

Have you been to PT and been sent to a gym to do your exercises on your own or with someone other than a PT?

Have you been told that PT can’t help you?

If you’ve had any of these experiences or something similar, we can help you understand what Physical Therapy is all about!

Simply put, PT is about creating or restoring Optimal Movement. We do that by understanding your anatomy, the Principals that create movement and the problems that might limit you.

This can only be achieved through the Physical Therapist listening to you and creating a plan that is personalized.

Principal Based Physical Therapy is about the relationship between You and the Physical Therapist to create a strategy that will achieve Optimal Movement.

This is clearly different from many experiences with PT that many of my patients report to me. In our new world of Health Care, being efficient, using non licensed providers and spending less time with patients is the key to being successful.

Our approach at G&A is to see you as an entire person and understand what is important to you. Then, we can deal with the problems you bring to us and use Principal Based strategies to create Optimal Movement. This will give You control over how You feel. Time and listening are the first key components before we can apply our skills and experience for your benefit.

What you can expect at each session at G&A

You will have one on one time with your Physical Therapist

We will listen to your needs and work towards your goals

We will take a hands-on approach to your physical problems

We will give you tools to keep you in control of your problems. These will include movement strategies, specific exercises and proper planning.