Golf Related Injuries / Golf Performance Enhancement

Have you had to alter your golf swing or stop playing golf due to an injury or pain? Golf can take a toll on your body. Injuries to the back, shoulders, neck and elbows are common.

Or, has an injury or surgery kept you away from the golf course?

Jim Groschan, PT has been an avid golfer for over 30 years. He has worked with numerous teaching professionals to understand the demands of the golf swing. Combine that with almost 40 years of clinical experience, Jim has a unique perspective which will help you return to the course.

Don't let pain keep you away from the game you love!

Golf Performance Enhancement
Golfers are always trying to get better. We take lessons. We go to trainers. We buy videos with the latest and greatest exercises and instructions. AND...we don't get any better.

As a Physical Therapist with long experience with golfers, I know that the key to unlock your potential in golf is to understand your posture. Golf is a complex set of movements. Without a proper foundation, there is little chance for consistency.

With a proper understanding of you as a person, your unique posture, your strengths, and your limitations, we can help you be more successful.

We can help you be a better student for your teaching pro.

We can help you develop an exercise program to enhance your strength and flexibility.

We can help you improve your balance and your stability throughout the swing.

Let us help you reach your potential!