Mission Statement & Vision Statement

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Service
  • Professionalism


Groschan and Associates will provide the best care available for the rehabilitation and ongoing musculoskeletal heath of those we serve. We will use evidence based principals, our combined clinical experience and collaboration with other professionals to advance our skills for the benefit of our patients.


Groschan and Associates is a unique Physical Therapy practice specializing in musculoskeletal care whose professionals are called to serve a clientele seeking the highest level of personalized service. Through our customized clinical process, we seek to understand the health concerns of importance to each individual client and deliver the treatment, education, and leadership needed to achieve their goals. All of us at Groschan and Associates are stakeholders in this enterprise and we will be guided by this mission in all that we do. By serving this mission, our goal is to become the health professional of choice for musculoskeletal care and your Physical Therapist for life.

Groschan and Associates clearly understands that our clients are the purpose and foundation of our dream. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve our clients and recognize this daily in all our interactions. We will provide a welcoming atmosphere for those who choose us to lead them in their care. We will attend to their scheduling and administrative needs with the same professionalism with which we attend to their clinical needs.

Groschan and Associates will employ dedicated people who truly care about those they are called to serve. At all levels, we will provide our best efforts for our patients and clients. We will function as a team for their best interests and support each other in all that we do.

Groschan and Associates is a Principal Based Practice. While we will use every modality and technology available, we will focus our care on posture control and muscle imbalance which is the genesis of the majority of musculoskeletal pain. We will do our best to give our patients and clients the tools they need to solve their problems on a long term basis and to prevent future injuries. Groschan and Associates will continually explore and expand programs which will be of mutual benefit to the people we serve and to the practice. We will sustain and advance our skills through continued education in evidence-based practices, training and clinical advancements that support the needs of patients.